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About Us

ChaiBUY is the daily deal site for the Jewish life. You will find all of the things you love here with extraordinary savings including the essentials you need and the daily delights you crave, always trying to keep the Jewish soul in mind.


Our goal is to create an exceptional experience for our subscribers by offering more than just great deals.Check out the ChaiEXPERIENCE for once in a lifetime opportunities. These are offered at specified times with very limited availability. We also have another fun section where we offer ChaiPAKS. ChaiPAKS come in all shapes and sizes and range in offerings.


At ChaiBUY we love to share. There is nothing better to share than gelt. Our Affiliate Rewards Program offers great ways for you to make money. Click here and see for yourself.


The ChaiBUY team is a passionate, sleep deprived, and enthusiastic bunch. We work hard to provide our subscribers with an overall meaningful experience.


If you have a great idea for something you would like to see, we would love to hear it and will do our very best to make it happen! Send us your suggestions to

The Mentch Factor


Being a mentch means having integrity and concern for others. The Mentch Factor ensures that with every purchase you make, you are also performing the greatest mitzvah of all - Tzedakah! ChaiBUY features a monthly charity and donates a portion of every purchase to this charity. To read about this month's featured charity, click here.